48 Gorgeous Modern Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Most of the architects will say that your living room wall decor ideas will represent your personality. As it must be one of the most important factors, to show that you are having great creativity on your mind. If you think that your wall design is unimportant, it means that you are one of the unlucky people in this world. You cannot feel about to live in a cozy place today, as you can have a lot of advantages to having a good wall design.

Choosing an expensive furniture design, to make sure that you are having a classy living room design is one of the second things to consider. The first step will be, how you can make sure about your living room wall decoration. You may add a lot of furniture design, with best living room wall decor ideas that are sometimes if your furniture design is not matched with your living room wall design, it can make you feel bored to stay at that place.

The best wall design living room with wooden storage of cottage style!

The wooden material will always be one of a good choice to apply to your living room. you may see the picture below, that represent a new way of classic living room idea with a great wall design. You can feel calmer every day with this wooden wall decoration.

You can also try to install many frames on the wall

focusing on the style for this concept, you may say that this is one of a perfect vintage style with classic furniture design. If you left the wall empty, it will only make you feel regret with the feeling of emptiness. Now you may add a lot of frames on the wall, to make sure that it has a different sensation.

Natural wood with artistic painting on the wall looks gorgeous in the living room

Large painting size is not one of the bad ideas. Sometimes you need to put large furniture in one place, that can make your room become alive than before, especially to apply this furniture on your living room wall.

Relaxing living room with plants decoration on the wall

Most people are afraid, to have their own creation in designing their living room. Especially, if they had a small living room size, that is a little bit hard to consider. You may add a lot of plants on your wall to make it more alive.

Wall decoration of the living room with beautiful wicker plates

You may say that in this living room concept Scandinavian style is one of the best things to consider. With most of the beautiful wicker plates on the wall can help you to have a good living room design.

Aesthetic living room with the painting on the wall

Leather couch on your living room may represent a luxurious concept. You may feel comfortable, to stay longer in your living room. This design mostly used by modern western people to apply anesthetic wall painting.

Futuristic furniture with a unique wall is marvelous!

This concept is always included as one of the modern living room styles, the wall with a trendy concept may help you to stay updated with a modern style that most people tend to use today.

Unique wall decorating make a living room look luxurious

This is one of the hard things to represent. With a unique wall decoration, may help you to have a glamour living room design, especially to know that the silver color will help you to feel comfortable.

Luxury wall decoration can be perfect for a glamorous living room!

The blue color will represent the feeling of calm and cold in your living room design. You will never feel regret, to use this concept in your living room. The blue color on your wall will be better to combine with unique decoration.

Squares decoration on the wall make the living room look awesome!

Choosing the right furniture may help you to have a good living room design. How about, if you can match the color with the wall, including to use this pop up the square shape on your living room wall.

Fancy living room with pattern and navy walls with simple frames

If you can believe, that the use of frame on your living room wall may help you to make it more alive. You can feel more confident, to stay in your cozy living room for a very long time in every day.

Modern living room with bookshelves on the wall

You may say that this is one of the tropical living room concepts. The book storage inside of your living room will help you to fill the empty side with a great model in this modern concept for today.

Unique and beautiful items make the wall of the small living room look classy

To use this concept, you will need to be ready to make sure that you can always prepare a big amount of money. Especially to use glamour furniture, talking about the wall concept you may create this craft on your own.

Beautiful living room with decorative plates

Today, the use of plate is not only about to eat or to put a lot of food on it. Now you may use it as one of your wall decoration, with a beautiful green color behind your white and warm couch.

Painting wall make the modern living room look trendy

Orange color, is often called one of the beautiful tropical colors. That it is always good to use in every room design, to make your living room wall look brighter and beautiful with this large painting.

There is never be wrong to say, that most of the living room design is would be better if you can combine your wall decoration with the beautiful furniture in your living room. Every creative people will try to match all of the colors to make sure, that they can have the best style preference. This is something, that you can try to have on your living room concept.

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