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How many shoes do you have? Putting them back into their box can be such a hassle. Not to mention you may actually lose the boxes already. That is why a shoe rack is an important things to have in every household. You can either bought one from the shop or maybe making your own DIY Shoe rack.

If you decide to do the latter, then you need to consider some things before making it. Firstly, decide the budget you want to put into. Secondly, plan the design according to your home design and decoration. Of course, out of place design will do you the exact opposite of what you want to achieve. Lastly, don’t do it half-heartedly because it will make the design looks bad.

Well, whether you are looking for a family-friendly shoes rack or just simply a rack for all your shoes. Here is some design that may interest you either to buy or to make by yourself.

A removable wooden shoe rack

Wood is the best material for making your own uniques design as well as doing the modification or leveled structure. A long plank of wood can be turned into a common shoe rack. But the unique end of both side of the rack. It has a stackable structure. It can hold up rather all the way to the higher end.

A cardboard triangle shoe rack

Got many cardboard lying around? Then this simple cardboard rack suits your shoes really well. Create long triangular shapes out of cardboard and stack them up together. Put your shoes, slippers, and sandals in between the holes. Declutter your closet with this bright idea that you can do yourself as well as save spaces. Add bright lining on the front for a pop of color.

Simple and Easy DIY Shoe Rack from hosepipes

When people are used to making things and other DIY stuff. Seeing items immediately relate to how that piece of used item can be useful and reuse. Like this stack of hosepipes that means nothing if you just have one. However, when you got a lot of them, the pattern of a shoes rack start to build up. Just glues everything together and round structure will help it steady.

Minimalist and Simple design for DIY shoe rack

Hang your shoes in the simplest way. You are just on your way out, so need to have everything that you need by the front door. That includes some of your best shoes and a pair of comfy ones just as options before getting out of the door. Just attach to the wall a piece of wood joined all together and create a slip in for the shoes.

Simple Shoe rack can makes your room look Neat, Clean and Classy

Inspired by how the shoe store display their collection? Guest what you can adapt the same design and makes a nice your own shoe gallery. Have some hooks and shoe hanger and align them together.

Make use of the plant organizer as shoe storage in the cabinet

Grab a used plastic organizer and arrange your shoes inside the cabinet. The shoes will be well stored and the organizer really makes up for space-savvy savior. You can even add odor sachets to keep the shoes in good condition.

Simple design of DIY shoe rack but still look modern and classy

If the common shoe rack does not seems appealing, then feel free to use your own imagination. Like this simple yet unique way of storing shoes. It is made out of wood, so it is a DIY project waiting to happen. The simple structure and design can be made just by anyone from beginner lever of woodworking until the expert ones.

Shoe rack stuck in the corner of the wall

Think hard before neglecting any part of the house. Who knows there is actually good use from it. This small corner by the stair behind the door is a perfect fit for a shoe rack. And making it will be so much easier. All you need are couples of wooden planks and painted them in according with the wall. Finally, attach them to the wall and get yourself a shoes rack that fit your home structure.

A mobile shoe rack that can be stored under a bed

Want to keep things hideaway? Just tuck in your shoes under the bed. This wide on wheels organizer is a perfect addition under the bed. All you have to do is just rolling them in and grab them out again. The whole process is so much easier with the wheels on.

A wooden shoe rack must be perfect for scandinavians room

A rack under the bench is a great addition to a modern yet rustic home. You can sit while putting on your shoes, as you are leaving the house. The thick wooden planks give sturdy support and nice furniture to the house.

A Shoe rack also could be used as a stool

Another easy peasy idea for a simple yet useful way to decorate your home is to have a railing under the bench to keep your shoes under. Get ready in a second while comfortably getting everything within arm’s reach.

Plastic organizer for shoe storage could be neat and good for your room

Not a fan of woodworking? Then spend a couple of dollar for these breathable plastic containers to makes a single and sufficient shoes rack. You can stack them together on the corner or even bring them in the car when you are in a hurry.

Saves space with using the level organizer for shoes

Here is an idea to give more space area on your shoe cabinet. Arrange the shoes in stacks so you have more room for more shoes. This smart single shoes rack can give more area by adding more of them in the cabinet. And you can never have enough shoes.

Floating Shelves must be good for shoes storage

Avoid clutter and dirt on the floor. Put your shoes hanging on a wooden slab facing up. It saves space and has a simple design to make DIY shoe racks. You can add more racks upward just as your collection getting bigger.

The shoe rack on the wall also look pretty and make your room neat and classy

Go back to the basic and think of the simplest way to organizes your shoes. A metal rack attaches to the wall inside the cupboard can store the shoes neatly and keep it away from the visible sight. Just see it when you need it.


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